West Allis, Wisonsin; Day 2

We had two noteworthy adventures today on our last full day before departing Wisconsin.

We visited Old World Wisconsin which has reproduced or restored 60 buildings from the period between 1840 and 1910. They have guided tours led by knowledgeable historians who convey the experience of living in Wisconsin in the 19th century.

The kids were interested in the historic buildings and learned about the choices that many of the settlers to Wisconsin had to make on their journey here to help them succeed with establishing their lives in this “wild” country.

Another Wisconsin establishment framed our second adventure of the day. Everyone might be familiar with a German beer garden but in Milwaukee they have taken advantage of the warm summer evenings and their love of beer to have Traveling Beer Gardens.

They put beer taps in re-purposed fire trucks and drive them to local parks for parents to socialize while the kids play on the playground equipment. It is both brilliant and struck us as perfectly Milwaukee, a city that loves its beer.

We took this adventure opportunity to connect with another of Brian’s first cousins Megan and her husband Matthew. We also had a chance to see all of Megan’s kids (including Alex) and one of cousin Amy’s kids Samantha. So it was a fun time had by all.

The 5 of us will be having our next set of adventures getting through airports and starting to take the show overseas. Wish us luck and we’ll keep you updated.

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