Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 2

Although we awoke early today, it was truly amazing to languish without a need to rise until the craving for huevos and café was too strong to ignore.

The rented house has a coffee maker but Brian’s inexperience with it created a very strong pot (which wasn’t the worst thing since we pefer adding leche anyway).

Tiffany and CreeperKitty went to the store this morning for beach towels and some household paper products. They came home with very cute tiny cans of soda but no beach towels. Oh well.

These 2 Adventurers learned the answer to the question; after a survey of two supermarkets, what is the only peanut-butter sold in Liberia, Costa Rica?

Peanut Butter is not a Costa Rican staple

Our primary objective today was to see the Pacific Ocean. This is the ocean only one mile from our house in San Clemente, but we haven’t cast eyes on it in 47 days. That is the longest stretch, by far, in the kids’ entire lives and 12 & 21 years for Tiffany & Brian, repectively. So we had to go. Plus, it’s a Costa Rican beach.

Just as we were about to leave for the playa, the sky cracked open and let loose a terrific boom to let everyone know that rain was imminent.

We were in the car on the way to the beach (40 minutes away) when the rain began. Joyfully, it ceased about 20 minutes after arriving at Playa Hermosa.

Raincoats in the Ocean?

It was amusing to see the faces of our California kids putting their toes in the Pacific Ocean and happily discovering the water to be a roasty 84 degrees Fahrenheit – at home over 75 degrees is a rare treat.

Playa Hermosa

These kids were splashing deep into the water despite wearing no swim gear (we just went to look). The parents simply shrugged and went to sit down at the beachfront restaurant Aqua to enjoy a margarita and cerveza.

View from our table at Aqua

There we saw our first howler monkey families. They seemed to be leaving the beach at the end of the day at the same pace as the humans – except through the treetops instead of down below.

We also enjoyed a wide swing hanging from one of these trees between the restaurant and the shore.

Kids love swings
The parents wanted a turn too!

The day ended with swimsuits for the kids who wanted to get into the pool in the limited time between the beach and dinner. All in all a very fun Saturday!

Translations: eggs, coffee, milk, beach, beer.

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