Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 10

Today was a national holiday in Costa Rica – Feast of the Assumption (of the Virgin Mary)/Mother’s Day. It’s a day focused on family and most businesses are closed so we spent the day catching up with some grandparents via FaceTime and hanging around our house.

The kids got some screen time like they typically do on Sundays and then we hit the pool for a while in the afternoon. Dinner was leftovers and then we watched a couple of episodes of Lego Masters. We are working our way through Season 1 and watching it as a family. It’s the first time that we have watched a series together. Usually the kids have gone to bed too early to do any TV watching after dinner but since they are getting older and we don’t have to be up at 6am for school we’ve moved bedtime. The parents seem to be enjoying it as much as the kids which is a pleasant surprise.

Since we spent the day hanging around the house we thought we’d talk about it briefly. We rented from AirBnB since we were going to be in Liberia for 16 days and wanted the space and kitchen of a house rather than a hotel. We considered something in the downtown area but all the ones available were quite small and we would have been on top of each other. We also considered one with lots of space and a beautiful pool, but that would have cut into our adventure tour budget so we chose something in the middle.

It’s technically a condominium but seems more like a gated housing development you’d find in the States since it’s all stand alone single family homes with a shared pool, tennis court, community building etc.

Of the ~100 houses built in the development we think ours may be the smallest at about 1200 sq ft. It’s got a nice kitchen and a couple of Costa Rican home luxuries – A/C and hot water. Most places have A/C only in the main bedroom and hot water is a chore to get but here we have quite effective cooling units in each room (set in Celsius of course) and the smallest tankless water heater we’ve ever seen for a house.

As AirBnBs go, the house itself it pretty typical. What’s strange is that the 100 houses in this development are scattered in a space laid out for almost 400. So there a lot of empty lots. Many many empty lots. And it’s not in the – ‘they haven’t gotten to that phase of the build yet’, but more, ‘they haven’t had the demand they were hoping for’.

Rows of empty lots between our house and the community building.

It’s a bit of a mystery that gives Brian and Tiffany something to speculate about. Although it gives the place a bit of a deserted feel, we never have any trouble getting a chair at the pool, so that’s an upside.

Time to say goodnight. After traveling for a while, it’s become easy to lose track of what day it is. But for the first time in a few months we’re all feeling like it’s a typical Sunday night. The fun is over and we’re back to school tomorrow.

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