Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 11

This morning started with a breakfast of oatmeal with a little brown sugar and then a snack of apples with peanut-butter. While the kids read, Brian and Tiffany did some logistics for the next few weeks – booking some tours, etc. After being here for over a week we’ve gotten a better sense of how far we can drive in a day, what we want to spend time on. We have got great adventures on the schedule.

Prior to this adventure, the longest trip we’d been on as a family was two weeks and the longest of all was Tiffany at 5.5 weeks back when she was 9 years old. We knew at the end of our two week family vacations we were usually a bit tired and ready to go back to our normal routine. When we thought about traveling for a year, we knew we couldn’t do the equivalent of 26 two week vacations and survive. If we tried to do that we knew we’d be exhausted, 50 lbs heavier, absolutely broke and probably not interested in being around each other for several months. Plus we need to get the kids 175 days of school somehow!

Our strategy (influenced by blogs from other long term travel families) is to have periods of vacation-like activity with lots of tours, sightseeing, moving locations and eating out at restaurants interspersed with periods that are just hanging out living our normal life. That gives us a chance to do school, eat cheaper/more healthy meals and recharge our batteries a bit for the more chaotic times.

We’re also hoping to get beneath the tourist version of some places by staying longer and trying to live like locals. Or as much like locals as these 5 Adventurers can manage. Plus, we didn’t even try to plan all the details of the trip for the whole year. There will be times like this morning when we need to do some logistics and trip planning too.

That is good for us but it does make for some periods of not much to talk about in our daily updates. When we start with ‘this morning was a breakfast of oatmeal’ you know that we are really just living a normal life.

As part of that normal life, this afternoon we were back at school for our second week of Spanish immersion. We went early for one of our extra-curricular activities, a guided tour around the city to practice our Spanish. We went to a little park with a big guana (Rodolfo Fito Salazar Parque), saw some shops, a large church (Catedral de la Inmaculada Conceptión) a normal city school and the Central Park of Liberia

Parque de Iguanas
Major fail on the cool blog photo

We tried to take a cool photo with us in the Liberia letters at the Central Park but you can only see CreeperKitty’s hands and a shadow of CreeperPuppy’s face in the hole of the ‘B’. Since someone else took it we didn’t want to drag them back for another try. Oh well, we’ll have to keep working on our photo skills.

Class today was more fun for some than others. The kids played Simon Says, drew pictures and made origami spaceships that fit together like Russian nesting dolls. The parents conjugated irregular verbs. Hmmm…no fair!

Origami nesting spaceships

Ended the day with BFD (Breakfast for Dinner) which in Español would be DPC (Desayuno Para Cena). Good night everyone.

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