Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 12

Before escuela we had an adventure at a waterfall this morning. It’s the Catarata LLanos de Cortes about 25 minutes from Liberia. It’s a popular stop for tours going through the area but we navigated ourselves there shortly after breakfast.

Small beach, big waterfall

We’re very glad we did. This was a beautiful spot where three distinct falls occur in a small area.

There were a few turistas but we still felt like we had the area to ourselves. The water was cool and the mist coming off the waterfall felt wonderful. It was the first time Tiffany or the kids had been swimming in a waterfall pool. The water was too dangerous to swim under the falls or climb on the rocks but it was really cool nonetheless.

After some splashing around and playing in the sand, we returned to el carro to dry off.

We may have mentioned in a previous post that the kids have been provided a minor weekly stipend during this trip to purchase items of their own choosing. Today, the kids made some choices.

Before you read on, see if you can guess which child chose which item(s)?

The earings are very pretty and we liked Suaram’s taste in turquoise. The talon necklace with the golden setting looks very cool on CreeperKitty. Dad wasn’t crazy about CreeperPuppy’s marracca but was happy about his jade necklace.

We thought that it might be difficult to get a morning adventure completed satisfactorily prior to language school but it turned out great today. We may try for another morning adventure during this last week in Liberia. Volcano trip, perhaps?

While Brian cooked dinner, Tiffany met Costa Rica’s equivalent of the Maytag Repair Man. The spinner on the twin tub washer stopped working so our very responsive AirBnB host sent someone to fix it. He arrived right on time, on a bicycle with a tool bag and drill. His English was worse than Tiffany’s Spanish but between her one week of school attempts, charades and google’s translation app they figured out how to communicate. Turns out he couldn’t fix the problem although we’re not sure if it was ‘I can’t fix it because I don’t have the parts’ or ‘This thing is done for’. Regardless, we may looking for another clothes cleaning solution for the rest of the week.

We took a break from the TV tonight. The kids played cuddle hide and seek while Brian and Tiffany read and did research. A quiet night to cap off a fun day.

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