Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 2

We found this lovely resort as part of an exchange for a timeshare we’ve owned for 15 years. We’re sure many people enjoy having a timeshare and get great value from it. We are not those people. We are the timeshare people that pay our maintenance fees, pay to deposit the week in an exchange program, pay extra to extend the time to use the vacation and then still almost never use it. *sigh*

When we checked in yesterday, we were prepared to pay extra to have access to a beautiful beach club affiliated with this property. But during checkin, they offered to waive the $125 per day fee if we attended a “short” presentation regarding a timeshare “opportunity” here in Costa Rica. Neither Brian or Tiffany had been to one of these before because we would normally run to the hills to avoid a timeshare pitch whilst on vacation. But…not paying for the beach club sounded awesome, it was only a 90 minute presentation and included a free lunch. What to do, what to do??

As you probably guessed already we spent a complimentary morning at the Beach Club and then heard about “a fantastic real estate opportunity” in the afternoon. We dragged the kids along for both the free lunch and a little bit of torture. They handled it like troopers even though the total time was 2.5 hours. Perhaps it was the ice cream we promised them after it was over.

The Beach Club is lovely – the pictures don’t nearly do it justice – and we will spend more time there the rest of the week.

Afterwards, the kids shopped for more stuffed animals but didn’t bring any home (yet).

Mom made flatbread pizzas for dinner and child labor was put back to work in the new location. Lax labor laws here.

And no, we didn’t buy any Costa Rican Real Estate.

One thought on “Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 2

  1. We so enjoy all your wonderful posts and we’re so happy you’re having a great time in Costa Rica. The resort you’re staying right now looks fabulous that big pool must be haven for the kids. I got a email from Alan telling me how much he is enjoying all your stories. So far already lots of adventures, hello to all we love you and miss you but what a fantastic experience this is for your family. Hugs from Loesje.

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