Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 1

Today was technically a travel day, but as those go it was pretty easy. We started off the morning packing up our stuff at the Liberia AirBnB. The kids have collected some souvenirs since arrival so we had to figure out how to stow them. But the hardest part of packing were the random things from the kitchen that may or may not be worth taking to the new place (are we going to use that weird Caribbean jerk spice?). Wow, what a tough day!

We thought that we might have to store our stuff in the car for a few hours until we could get into the new place so we created a makeshift cooler with two garbage bags and some ziplocs full of ice. Sure didn’t want that pouch of mayonesa or bottle of sauca de soy to go to waste. Turns out after our short 30 minute drive and a quick stop at reception, our unit was ready and we moved right in.

We all feel like we got a bit of an upgrade in accommodations. It’s a three bedroom condo rather than a stand alone house, but it’s in better shape, is better appointed and has all the luxuries we’d been missing. Dishwasher, fully automatic washer AND electric dryer, central air conditioning and even a garbage disposer. WOW! We’re going to be spoiled.

It’s located in a smallish beach town we visited a couple of weeks ago. This next several days will be more of a vacation week than the last two and we are all planning to enjoy our time here. But we plan on putting our Spanish to use.

During check-in, Tiffany mentioned that she had just done Spanish immersion classes. They asked her how it went and she responded ‘Yo tengo muy practica (I have very practice)’. They quickly corrected her to ‘Yo necessito muchas practico’ (I need much practice)’. Yes, yes she does.

Afternoon was exploring the property, taking a dip in the lovely pool and settling in so we’re ready for the week.

Tonight’s last adventure will be finding out if the tooth fairy comes to Costa Rica. Creeperkitty lost a molar after dinner so everyone’s curious as to what is going to happen.

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