Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 4

I’m so excited on getting to write a blog post! I’ve never done something like this before!

This morning was a small breakfast before heading out to the store. In a previous post the kids were interested in buying more cuddles. But we had to go back again because CreeperPuppy changed his mind and CreeperKitty wanted another one. It wasn’t bad, and Suaram ended up getting one herself. The picture below shows Suaram and CreeperKitty’s cuddles. (CreeperPuppy was asleep.)

Right after we bought these cuddles we headed to the beach club. It was closed on Tuesday, but today we headed there almost as soon as we could. It was raining, but the rain stopped shortly after we arrived. We alternated between beach and pool.

When we visited on Monday, we found the cabanas to have been a nice treat if we stayed in one, so we reserved a cabana first thing. Even though it only has two chairs we’ve been enjoying it.

Our Cabana

We ate lunch and a brownie sandwich with ice cream for dessert (yummy). After, we decided to head for home because all of our fingers were getting “raisiny”. The kids finished their weekly screen time then all of us settled in for a nice dinner (pollo y zanahorias) and then we settled in before heading off to bed. It was a fun adventure and we hope we can try to go to the beach club every day this week. Goodnight from Suaram!

One thought on “Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 4

  1. You did a great job on your post Suarami we’re so enjoying reading everybody’s posts, such good times for everybody and a great adventure. Can’t wait to read your next one, love to all the 5adventures. Grandma Loesje.

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