Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 5

We thought that we would drive down to Tamarindo to see how a Costa Rican surf town compares to the surf in our beloved home town in CA. As we talked about the beach, CreeperKitty pointed out if we walked north and kept going for a long time, we’d find ourselves at San Clemente Pier close to home. Guess that covers geography class for the day.

This surf break is a flat sand bottom good for beginners and the beach is crawling with vendors (think Waikiki more than Trestles).

Coconut Vendor (CreeperPuppy’s treat)

Needless to say, we couldn’t avoid getting our swim gear on and wading out into those inviting waves.

Tamarindo Beach

The town is more populated than any CR beach town that we’ve seen and we can appreciate why its nickname is Tamagringo as there were lots and lots of foreign visitors, signs in English and prices in US dollars.

Horseback Ride vendors looking for customers

This was our third straight sun and swim day. The biggest difference though was that we were an hour+ away from our accommodations in Playa del Coco.

In the tropics, most everyone moves a little slower. The sun, however, moves quickly at both ends of a day. Dawn occurs suddenly and there is little time for gloaming before darkness falls.

The addition of a late rainstorm seen through furious wiper blades and a steamed windshield made our trip back up the narrow & curvy coast road a white-knuckler for Brian.

(As an aside, all bicyclists should wear reflective clothing if they need to be out in a dark rainstorm pedaling on a narrow & curvy coast road. Right?)

Despite the trip back being more interesting than we wanted – we made it safe and sound, ready to take on the next set of adventures.

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