La Fortuna, Costa Rica; Day 1

We left Monteverde today after another nourishing farm-fresh meal prepared by our hosts and set off for La Fortuna. We also learned that the farm gained a new calf overnight so everyone was cheery this morning.

This was a 3 hour drive over winding roads (both paved and unpaved). The weather was pleasant enough for the drive and we had an audio book and the wonderful scenery to enjoy.

Drive from Monteverde to La Fortuna

Our drive from the Monteverde Cloud Forest area was 120Km (74 miles) and was about 90K longer than direct because there are two large volcanoes and a protected National Park which requires travelers to take the long way around the lake.

We stopped at a restaurant which proudly served “authentic German cuisine” called Tom’s Pan.

Tom’s Pan German Bakery

This restaurant was on the north shore of Lake Arenal which is Costa Rica’s largest lake. The lakefront town there is Neuvo Arenal which takes its name from an abandoned city named Arenal which was submerged when the hydroelectric dam was completed in 1979.

The afternoon rain held off when we arrived in La Fortuna to provide us with a wonderful view of Volcàn Arenal from the backyard of the rental house.

Volcano Views

Tomorrow should be a big adventure day that we are all looking forward to.

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