Monteverde, Costa Rica; Day 2

Today started a little earlier than most (we actually used an alarm clock!). We had a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, coffee, milk, fruit, papaya juice and the best tasting Fruit Loops the kids and Dad ever tasted. The cook was very gracious and the owner explained all the food, coffee, marmalade and jam was locally sourced. Not surprisingly, the milk came right from the farm.

Next we headed a little further up the mountain for a tour through the cloud forest. Juan Manuel was our guide and for 2 hours he showed and taught us about the flora and fauna.

Giant, hundreds of year old cloud forest tree

We had surprisingly good weather, not only was it not raining, we had very good visibility as the cloud mist held off and only rolled in during the afternoon. The 2 mile walk included 8 hanging bridges so we were up in the tree canopy a lot of the time.

There were many highlights but the favorites were the orange knee tarantula hidden deep in a hole, the very miniature butterfly, the hive of black bees, two bats hanging in a tree stump and a bright green pit viper sleeping in the top of a tree.

CreeperPuppy helped spot a small snail and CreeperKitty knew all about the effects of a fungus that turns bugs into zombies.

CreeperPuppy’s snail

We headed back to the farm for the afternoon to read during the afternoon rain. The cows don’t seem to pay it any attention so we didn’t either.

We went into town for a yummy Italian dinner and when we got back to the farm, they put us to work bottle feeding the calves with the milk fresh from the milk shed.

The kids loved it and thought it was a little gross but it was certainly a new adventure. What a great day!

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