Tortuguero, Costa Rica; Day 3

We woke up still excited about last night. We watched a Green Turtle lay about 100 eggs in the sand on the beach – That was AMAZING!!! We all agreed one of our favorite parts was watching the turtle go back over the beach to the Sea. She was so heavy and awkward on land but as soon as she got into the water, she glided away fast and smooth.

We walked about 4 km (2.5 miles) as part of the nesting tour so we weren’t in a hurry to move fast this morning. The hotel lost power again sometime in the night and at around 8 am the outside temperature had overtaken any lingering air conditioning and our room started getting hot.

So this morning we returned to yesterday’s lunch spot, Restaurante mi Niño for a great breakfast.

This small beach town surrounded by National Park and Reserve lands and miles and miles of swamp has questionable power sources in the best of times. Yesterday, the power was back on by about 630 am, today there were about 6 hours of the daytime without power throughout the region. We still had a delightful breakfast without it. But then we basically tried to find shade and move as little as possible in the high heat and humidity. We all sat on the front porch of the hotel and read/watched the lagoon traffic for much of the morning.

We found out the power was restored during lunch when the server turned on the fans in the dining room. We were so happy we had a toast! It gave the town a boost as all of the music in the streets announced the joyful return of the juice.

Salud! We’re a little soggy from the heat

The children played in the local park and we were all thankful for a #SimpleSunday to relax and ‘just be’ in a place foreign to our previous experiences.

Our only real outing of the day was a small museum hosted by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. It highlights the conservation work they do and how Tortuguero has been a leader in approaches to help endangered sea turtles which are copied around the world. They also had a model of a nesting green turtle laying eggs. It was very similar to the one we saw last night so CreeperPuppy got to recreate how he helped pull the turtle’s fin back during the egg laying – this time while smiling for the camera.

CreeperPuppy helps get a view of the nest

We wrapped up the day at Miss Junie’s Restaurant just a short walk from our lodging. This restaurant is attached to Miss Junie’s Lodge which is one of the older and more historic hotels in Tortuguero.

Miss Junie’s Restaurant in Tortuguero

We had the large dining room to ourselves which we thought unusual (perhaps Sunday isn’t a great eat-out night here). Dinner was pleasantly served to us by Axl (he said “like Axl Rose, si?” which delighted us unexpectedly).

Tomorrow, we leave the land of the sea turtles for a new town and a new set of adventures.

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