Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Day 1

Today was primarily a travel day as we left Tortuguero by boat and then car for the town of Puerto Viejo on the Southeastern coast. This is our last destination in Costa Rica. It’s reputation is that it has a Caribbean vibe, great beaches, great food and good weather in September, not an insignificant factor.

4 Hour Drive Down the Coast

We arrived too late to explore the town or to check out the beach although Tiffany got a quick glance around during her trip to the grocery store. Three days with all restaurant meals made us want something home cooked.

Our rental house is a newly constructed 3 bedroom house where the bedrooms, a bath and a laundry room are in a separate building from the living room and kitchen. The buildings are arranged in v with a deck connecting the two.

We will post photos in the coming days but the key surprise for us was that the bedrooms are not the air conditioned building. The common area building has the A/C.

We shall see how well the 5 Adventurers handle the night time temperatures!

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