Boquete, Panama; Day 6

The start of the “road” school week for the kids included the introduction of a writing assignment.

The kids were provided some topics and options to prepare and present their work. CreeperPuppy chose to put his work into this travel blog which you can find in the Kids Corner page.

Everyone Learning Something at Road School

We have decided to hold classes during the afternoons because the weather tends to be better in the mornings. That provides us with an opportunity for an adventure prior to school if we’re feeling super adventurous.

As expected, the rain returned in the afternoon so our “road” school had to do recess inside. We use these 15 minutes as a break during the school hours and a chance for the kids to “get their wiggles out”. We borrowed a trick from last year’s virtual schooling and used an App called ‘Go Noodle’. It has short videos that are entertaining and get everyone moving. As you can see, the kids think they are hilarious.

Even Mom Got The Wiggles Out

No major tears from students (or teachers) today, so we will call this Monday a great success!

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