Boquete, Panama; Day 5

Today was a lazy Sunday here in Boquete. The sun was shining brightly this morning but we spent time inside doing some online adventures. The kids FINALLY convinced Mom and Dad to join them in a Minecraft world. It was hosted by Suaram and titled ‘Suckers’ which seems pretty appropriate. Tiffany started building a house next to CreeperPuppy’s restaurant and Suaram’s enchanted bookstore. Brian had some technical difficulties and just managed to get to the growing village before we called it quits for the day.

This afternoon was CreeperKitty and Mom’s turn for a date. They did one of his all time favorite activities – mini golf. This course was at a local resort and was designed by a nine year old boy named Samy and his 11 year old sister. It was an intense battle between mother and son and lots of fun was had by both.

After a quick stop at the Supermarket they drove through a short but intense rainstorm (road flooded, hazards on) to their next destination- treats! CreeperKitty has been asking for Belgian waffles with ice cream and boy did this roadside stand deliver. Waffle, vanilla ice cream, Nutella, crumbled Oreos and fresh strawberries. The next downpour of rain held off just long enough for them to finish and jump back in the car.

After dinner the kids wanted to try out the little pool at our house. Turns out it was cold cold cold but they lasted about 30 minutes. After that was showers, reading and bed.

CreeperPuppy and Suaram getting the pool ready

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