Boquete, Panama; Day 8

Today was more of our routine (with the power on thankfully). It was Suaram’s turn for a date with Mom this morning. Before the pandemic their typical date would be mani/pedis at the local nail salon but the last time they did that was in February 2020 – until today that is. With masks on, they headed to the iStyle salon for pedicures. Turns out that while some techniques are a little different in Panama, it was pretty much the same setting and experience as it used to be. Or at least as they remember it from so long ago.

Afternoon was back to school and a heavy rainstorm outside. CreeperPuppy finished part two of his hamburger story which we’ve posted in Kids Corner. Sheet pan dinner of pork chops, green beans and potatoes. Then reading and Spanish Duolingo to finish off a quiet Wednesday.

Glad they like each other (there are other seats)

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