Boquete, Panama; Day 9

Our group went to “downtown” Boquete this morning prior to school. Dad found a charming little coffee shop while Mom took the other kids shopping for something special. She’d seen these bracelets at the shops on Tuesday and decided she wanted some as souvenirs. She let each kid pick one out- Suaram picked the green, CreeperKitty picked the blue with the black center and CreeperPuppy chose the tiger eye. That and a stop at the Super Baru for groceries was our biggest adventure for the day.

3 Bracelets Chosen by 3 Awesome Kids

Our other adventure was a very small one. We have stayed in roughly a dozen different rental properties over the first 3 months of this year-long adventure. Invariably, we find things that we would like to fix or improve to make our stay a bit better and to perhaps leave a valued home improvement for our hosts.

When we arrived here at the Boquete house, we quickly realized that the quality of the internet connection was proving challenging for some of our road school curriculum & content.

As we prepared to suffer for the next two weeks, our host reached out to us on that exact issue. The host was aware of this improvement “opportunity” and had been planning to upgrade the router. He already had the equipment but didn’t have anyone local that was qualified to configure and set it up.

So far in our adventures, we have oiled squeaky hinges, repaired leaky toilets, repelled an ant invasion, managed a pool filter pump and handled power issues small and large. Now, we have installed and configured computer infrastructure. Yay for us! The upgrade did triple our speeds which is definitely an improvement (although still not lightning fast here in western Panama). We ended the day with a Master Chef Jr episode which for the first time had no buffering problems. A good day.

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