Boquete, Panama; Day 16

TODAY WAS SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!! We’re trying so do some normal things at the 5 Adventures Academy (our name we picked for the school) and what’s more normal than sitting the kids in front of a blue background and snapping a photo for posterity. We’re still on the distribution list for our hometown PTA and today was pictures there so we thought we’d keep to the same schedule. Why not? And don’t those students look great!

Suaram – Grade 5
CreeperKitty – Grade 4
CreeperPuppy – Grade 3

Today was tiny adventures – shopping in town and wandering the square was this morning’s activity. Dad got chai tea, Mom got food and the kids got jewelry and toys. We found a new playground the kids liked but the rain started early today and cut it short.

One of the toys was a travel combo set of chess/checkers/backgammon. Now that we have two chess sets, the kids were excited to kick off the Cuddle chess tournament they’ve been planning. Of course cuddles have trouble moving the pieces so humans have to help out. The first round had Ocean (CreeperKitty) vs Fishy (Brian) and Owen (CreeperPuppy) vs Stella (Suaram). With 16 players, this Adventure may last a while.

After school Tiffany had another outing she wanted to do with no complaints from the kids. Back to Higgins Waffles for an afternoon treat. Turns out they also have seating on the roof so 16 seats total at this roadside stand.

The day ended with more excitement than normal. Tiffany started a small but dramatic grease fire while cooking dinner. No injuries and no damage, dinner turned out fine. The kids were pretty shocked, they’d never seen anything like that before. It left a nice smoky haze throughout the house that we enjoyed for the rest of the night.

5 thoughts on “Boquete, Panama; Day 16

  1. Love the school pictures, Suaram you look beautiful love the earrings. CreeperKitty you look great love your hair it looks so good on you. CreeperPuppy you look so good and I do really like your buzz hair cut must be so easy for you shower and go. Scary about the kitchen fire thank goodness it all turned out ok. Keep up your school work and of course all the great posts we do enjoy them. By the way those waffles look so delicious was that with ice cream ? Love you all hugs from Grandma Loesje.


    1. One Waffle had Nutella, chocolate chips, Hershey bar chunks, vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle. The second had dulche de leche, crumbled Oreos, Hershey bar chunks, vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle.


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