Boquete, Panama; Day 17

As we hit October today it was mostly small administrative Adventures. For one, we are now an official homeschool according to the State of California. Part of the requirement is to send in a form some time between Oct 1 and Oct 15th. Since the timing is not the start of the year and we were afraid we’d forget (and we’re a little nervous about navigating the homeschool thing), we submitted it today and sent it to the kids’ old school so they won’t send the truant officers after us.

Tiffany also spent some time consolidating expenses so we can see where we stand on the budget through the end of September. It’s a great exercise for keeping her excel skills sharp. One of the categories in our budget is ‘Unplanned- medical’ expenses. It’s where Tiffany’s crown repair went and as you can guess is a category we never want to use.

Today was close though. Our Adventurers had some drama at the house. We may have previously mentioned the five dogs which roam the yard. Three that hang around the house and two others – Mama and Shorty that stay in the other house on the property.

All three kids were out playing in the carport this morning while Mom & Dad started a video call from the temporary quiet of the house. Suddenly there was loud barking and all three kids came screaming into the house. Turns out Mama, with Shorty on her heels, didn’t like the look of the kids today so she charged them and nipped CreeperPuppy as they ran away.

Needless to say we postponed the video call. On inspection the wound was mostly a bruise but we verified the dog was vaccinated for rabies and cleaned it thoroughly. We brought a medical kit from home with Neosporin and we got some stronger stuff at the Pharmacia so we’re expecting it to heal in couple of days without incident.

What we think happened is the dog was outside with her puppies for the first time and got spooked and over protective. Regardless, it’s a relief. It could have been worse. We’d prefer no more Adventures of that variety for the rest of the trip.

One thought on “Boquete, Panama; Day 17

  1. Hi guys! It looks like you’re having a great an very immersive time in Central America. I’m impressed that you’ve kept up with the blogging. I’m looking for ones written en Espanol….

    Eager to see where you go from here (imagine it isn’t Raleigh, NC) and to catch up when you’re done!


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