Boquete, Panama; Day 20

No significant adventures to report today so some random updates…

We did a one day weekend for school so today we did a couple of chapters of Alice in Wonderland, Writing and Science. We did Alice first and barely got it done before the afternoon deluge. Frankly we had to work a compromise with the kids to get them to have a good attitude about it. They REALLY wanted to watch a movie instead of school so after dinner they settled into the Lego Ninjago movie. It seemed like a reasonable deal.

CreeperPuppy is healing nicely from his encounter with the dog back on Day 17, we’re quite pleased about that.

We’re actually getting quite fatigued with the dogs. During the day they are fine. But the barking at night, which started as a little quirk of the house, has turned into 20 days of sleep interruption for Brian and Tiffany. Not surprisingly we’re counting down the nights until we leave this house. We’ve got 4 left we think.

Because we’re down to just a few days, we’re getting in to ‘what food do we have and need to use’ mode. We expect some strange combinations in the next few days which will definitely include pasta since we seem to have an excess of that.

Even for a family of 5 that’s a lot of noodles

Tonight was Chili (which in hindsight should have been Cincinnati style to use up some of those noodles). As we were eating it Tiffany was pleased we could finish the sour cream she bought on her first trip to the Super Baru. It was kind of expensive compared to the US and ended up tasting a little strange. She wrote it off as a Panama thing. Only once the container was empty did she take a close look at the label which said ‘better than Sour Cream’. Huh? And then in smaller letters the brand Tofutti. Oh…that explains it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – when we start talking about what we’re eating it’s been a slow day.

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