Boquete, Panama; Day 21

Another school day today – math, language arts and another portion of the Panama Unit. Brian continues to invest quite a bit of time in preparing his lesson including today’s 6 PowerPoint slides. Suaram’s take away was that Dad was MUCH better at slides than she’d ever realized and had some cool techniques she didn’t know how to do (like sideways text). Dad modestly explained that most of his jobs have involved making slides for 20 years so he had some game. She was amazed. Always good when you can still impress your kids. Dad offered a slides tutorial after school and Suaram and CreeperPuppy leapt at the chance to learn some new skills.

Turns out our ‘eat what’s in the cupboard’ strategy was thwarted by only having parts of meals so we headed to town to round out our supplies. But first, we decided we go to dinner at an authentic french crêperie (and pizza joint).  

The 5 Adventurers chose three types of pizza (Margherita, Hawaiian, and Honey Mustard).

Hawaiian for the Kids

The two dessert crêpes were more authentic than the pizza but everything was delicious.

We believe that the crêpes were authentic because our host for the evening (and maître d’, waiter, chef, and quality assurance officer) is from Marseille, France.

Our Kind Host Jean-Claude

He was working alone this evening because he had not intended to open this evening at all.

Jean-Claude has recently moved his restaurant from Bocas del Toro to here in Boquete and is expanding the dining room. We wished him well and would like to return to try other menu items.

We completed our dinner in time for the kids to work on their presentation building skills before bedtime.

The Kids Pitch Decks (more donuts & sugar cereals it seems)

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