Playa Blanca, Panama; Day 2

We were all looking forward to a Saturday without school obligations. We were also looking forward to some combination of pool and beach time (perhaps with a water slide thrown into the mix).

Last night we got a sneak peek at the lagoon pool and our impressions were correct – similar to the one by Grandma Loesje and Grandpa Ed’s house in Irvine but BIG.

Beautiful Morning in Playa Blanca, Panama

This was a kids’ choice day for our adventures and they chose to start at the lagoon pool and waterslides. Even Mom and Dad took a turn and Mom forgot she had her reading glasses on her head coming down the slide. They went flying but CreeperKitty recovered them unharmed.

Between the over-large lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of other distractions to enjoy. Here the kids chose to spend some time on the exercise equipment.

It wasn’t too long before the kids wanted to try out another of the lagoon’s features.

The ten minute adventure was negotiated in Español by the kids but paid for by Dad (and his Spanglish)

During lunch we could see the clouds threatening and hear thunder rolling in the distance. We headed down the path to the Pacific thinking we’d have about 20 minutes before we got poured on but it never rained. Instead we spent some time at the beach and then headed back to the lagoon for one last round on the water slides. The kids organized a great day.

After the beach, we got some ice cream and called Brian’s sister who was celebrating her 50th birthday today with Uncle Jeff and her best friends. Happy 50th!

Tonight we again have a 10pm party rocking the courtyard with loud announcers, music and cheering. We’ve pretty much decided it’s karaoke – tonight’s round started off with a Barry Manilow classic (in Español) and then slid into an English version of Unchained Melody. Last night it wrapped up around midnight so we got the kids to sleep before 10 so they’d be spared. Brian and Tiffany figure it could be worse, it could be the Boquete dog chorus.

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