Playa Blanca, Panama; Day 1

Our traveling day today took us 350 km from Boquete to a nice beach spot called Playa Blanca. We spent a little over 4 hours on our old friend the Pan-American Highway and passed through David and Santiago, two of the larger cities in the country.

Our route today

We packed a lunch but a couple of hours into the drive we were ready for a bathroom break, cold drinks and some gasoline. When we saw a big fancy Va&Ven we knew it was our stop.

This one was even better than our first. A kids playground (raining so couldn’t use it, but still!) lots of tables, drinks choices as far as the eye could see. Men’s, women’s AND Kids bathrooms. Strangely many of the tables were full. There was bear-ly anyplace to sit but the kids managed to find a spot next to a friendly looking couple.

We could have driven from Boquete all the way to Panama City, it’s only two more hours, but as we think about heading back to October in the Midwest US, we wanted one last day at the beach.

Playa Blanca is one of the better beaches in the country – Marriott has its most luxurious Panama resort on this beach. We’re not staying there, but we are on the same beach and what we got to see before it got dark looks pretty good.

We can see the Pacific from our balcony and from the walk next to the elevator we can see a large ‘sea pool’ which seems a bit like the lagoon back at Grandpa Ed and Grandma Loesje’s but about 10 times bigger. Obviously we’ll be checking both of those out tomorrow. But it’s still Panama. There was a pile of dogs on a pile of sand in the parking lot when we pulled in.

As is typical when we’re doing a quick stop, we got a small place – 2 queens, a double, little kitchenette and a bath. The television rotates where you need it from a pole in the middle which we haven’t seen before.

Brian and Tiffany are glad to be in a new place and were excited for a good night’s sleep. Hopefully the huge, LOUD, party (or wedding or karaoke or typical Friday night) down in the courtyard will wind down soon. Given it only started at 10pm, the chances don’t look good.

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