Georgetown, Ohio; Day 1

Today was a driving day spent mostly in Indiana as we traveled from the Greater Chicago area to the Greater Cincinnati area.

350 Mile Driving Day

We were happy to travel faster than 100 Km per hour (62Mph) which was the upper speed limit in most of the highways in Costa Rica and Panama. The interstate highway system here in America is fantastic but we still encountered plenty of construction slowdowns. Oh well, not every journey can be perfect but it was a marvelous sunny day for driving.

Late evening finds us at the Bailey House in Georgetown. It’s a charming local Bed and Breakfast and also the home of Tiffany’s dad Stan and step-mom Nancy. We’re looking forward to a few days visiting with family.

2 thoughts on “Georgetown, Ohio; Day 1

  1. Give our love to Stan and Nancy, enjoy your stay. Hugs to the kids and a happy birthday to our Suaram we will try to call later. Hugs from grandma Loesje.


  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip and today is a special day! Miss Suaram turns 11! Wow hard to believe! Love you all!


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