Leesburg, Ohio; Day 4

Just because we’re traveling the world doesn’t mean we get to ignore good dental health. That means today’s adventure was teeth cleaning for everyone. Tiffany’s Dad was able to get 5 cleaning appointments at a dentist in Georgetown so these Adventurers headed out before the sun was fully up to get there on time. Lots of paperwork and scraping/rinsing/polishing later we left with sparkling smiles and no cavities!

The drive to the dentist was a bit gloomy and rainy but this afternoon the sun came out and we noticed the trees really starting to get some fall color. For these Southern California kids they have mostly seen autumn leaves in books but Suaram captured a great photo of a tree just beginning to turn.

Starting to get a little fall color

We made a quick stop at the local library where the boys eagerly picked out books. They’ve been reading solely on tablets for weeks and are excited to have some old favorites and new finds to enjoy.

We ended the day with an old classic, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We all enjoyed it even though Charlie Brown again got all tricks instead of treats, Snoopy still got shot down behind enemy lines and as before, Linus didn’t see the Great Pumpkin. But, he has hope for next year so his faith is still intact despite this setback. Not a bad way to end the day.

Note: no apologies if those tidbits on the show were spoilers. The special has been out for 55 years so…

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