Leesburg, Ohio; Day 3

A quiet day today. We (ad)ventured out to nearby Hillsboro for lunch with Mamoh and Tara at the Japanese Steakhouse. It not only had a tasty hibachi, it gave the California kids a chance to get some sushi for only the second time in 10 weeks. They gobbled it down before we remembered to get a picture (again). We’re strongly suspect our future in food blogging is not promising given how poor our track record is of getting pictures of anything we eat.

Ohayo in Ohio.

After lunch we snuck in a school day and this evening we indulged our Halloween sweet tooth with some gummy pumpkins and our October viewing of A Nightmare Before Christmas. The kids have decided it’s both a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie so we watch it at least twice a year.

2 thoughts on “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 3

  1. Oh my goodness I love that movie! I agree it’s both a Halloween and a Christmas film and how fun to have the excuse to see it twice! Sushi is also on my list of fav things! So happy you all are having so much fun! Love and miss you all


  2. So great you’re enjoying your stay at Mamoh’s please give her our love, and also hello to your sisters Tiffany you’re all getting a good dose of family witch is very special. So Brian we love to have some more info on the farm. It’s till being farmed and is the land leased out. What do they grow? We didn’t know that the farm had been in the family for all those years that’s really special. As always we enjoy all the post you guys are great for sharing all the stories and history. Love grandma Loesje.


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