Leesburg, Ohio; Day 15

We welcomed back our guest lecturer Mamoh for cooking science adventures today. CreeperKitty was her student and helped make bread in the bread machine. He picked a basic white bread with a light crust.

Together they read the recipe, measured, poured and programmed the settings on the machine. Once it was mixing they retired to the living room to relax and talk about how yeast works. A few hours later we all got to try their handiwork. It was really good and he seemed pretty proud of his accomplishment.

No other adventures today to report. The kids continue to wear shorts even though it was in the twenties last night and only hit the upper 50s during the day. The parents have given up trying to convince them to wear pants and figured the weather would take care of it. Guess we’ve got some more to go. They said the town police officers drove by a couple times while they were outside but just waved. Here’s hoping there isn’t a social services adventure in Mom and Dad’s future.

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