Leesburg, Ohio; Day 14

Today was an Adventure in waiting that finally got us a big step forward. What are we waiting for? – COVID-19 vaccine shots for the kids so they could be protected and we could better manage travel requirements.

First we waited for months for the vaccine to be tested and approved, that waiting ended Tuesday night. Today we did some more waiting. We drove an hour to the Liberty Campus of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to see if we could get a spot in their walk-in clinic.

We got there almost an hour before the clinic was scheduled to open but there was already a line and registration had started. As the line got longer behind us, we snaked our way to the front, registered, waited in another (relatively short) line and were finally ushered in to get the kids their first shot.

The 15 minutes afterwards was a breeze, made easier by big screens showing Disney movies. It was well organized and definitely geared to kids. There was even a therapy dog on duty although we didn’t get to meet it. The kids did great with the shots and ok with the waiting in line. We of course celebrated with dipped cones from DQ.

We’ve got a little more waiting to do before we call this Adventure a wrap. 3 weeks until the second shot and then 2 weeks after that for full inoculation. But we’re getting there! Our trip back to the US this fall was primarily to get this done before heading out to the rest of the world so we are very happy it’s underway.

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