Leesburg, Ohio; Day 18

Normally a blog post about a fast food restaurant would not qualify as an adventure by our standards. Perhaps we will make an exception in June/ July when we return to SoCal and get some In-n-Out burgers. In Southern Ohio the local fast food must-have is sweet chili and the best version of this is served at Skyline Chili.

Cincinnati Institution Since 1949

Tiffany discovered this restaurant chain in college and Brian learned to love it when he lived here in the late 90’s. Cincinnatians prefer to serve their chili over spaghetti. A “3‐way” adds shredded cheddar on top. A “4‐way” or “5-way” would add onions and/or beans. They also serve their unique chili over hot dogs.

A 4-way from Skyline

The proper way to eat this is by tamping down the cheese and onions into the chili and spaghetti until the cheese soaks up grease from the chili and binds the whole thing together. Then cut into the dish with the side of the fork to create a bite-sized morsel.

The wrong way to eat a 3‐way is to eat it like an Italian spaghetti dish where the fork twirls the pasta. Tiffany points out to Brian every so often that he was guilty of this faux-pas during their first shared Skyline experience.

So today’s big adventure was to visit the local Skyline to secure some tasty chow. Yum!

Not a Distortion: That Truck Really Is That Big

Note: for reasons we don’t understand, some people disagree that Skyline has the best Cincinnati style chili and on the proper way to eat that chili. We believe everyone is entitled their opinion, but those opinions are wrong.

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