Leesburg, Ohio Part 4; Day 1

We had one last Adventure this morning in New York to visit an old President. Then we went to see a new building, flew on an old airplane, and drove a new car to a familiar destination. Tiffany lived in Ulysses S. Grant’s boyhood hometown of Georgetown, Ohio. Her father Stan (Pa) is the PresidentContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio Part 4; Day 1”

Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 5

During school today, we had the kids choose between read-to-self (from parent-curated list), math facts online, or write an original piece meant for this blog. CreeperPuppy was brave enough to continue work on his opus The Hamburger Story, so check it out in the Kids Corner. He has started Book 2 of the story soContinue reading “Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 5”

Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 4

We had a fun day today with Busha and Grandpa Mike. The kids have been enjoying their morning waffle and cereal in the hotel lobby. We have learned to create limits on the toppings for said waffles. On the first morning of our complimentary hotel breakfast, Suaram came back from the waffle maker with aContinue reading “Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 4”

Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 3

Today the Adventurers took things on the road including school. We went on a field trip to a unique Cincinnati museum but made a few stops first. Our first stop was to a Cincinnati institution Suders Art Store. It’s been around since 1924 and in its current location for 90 years. Suaram’s eyes popped atContinue reading “Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 3”

Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 1

We moved to a new base camp for adventures! We traveled about an hour up the road to the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. We’ll be here for a few days enjoying the city, having school of course and spending time with Brian’s mom and stepdad who drove down from Michigan. But before we left Leesburg,Continue reading “Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 1”

Leesburg, Ohio; Day 18

Normally a blog post about a fast food restaurant would not qualify as an adventure by our standards. Perhaps we will make an exception in June/ July when we return to SoCal and get some In-n-Out burgers. In Southern Ohio the local fast food must-have is sweet chili and the best version of this isContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 18”

Leesburg, Ohio; Day 9

Today was another birthday in the 5 Adventurers family – this one for Tiffany and she had a great day. To start, Tiffany’s Mom took her to the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati to see the musical stage production of Pretty Woman. After being away from stage shows for a couple years due to the pandemic,Continue reading “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 9”

Leesburg, Ohio; Day 6

Shopping and school today. Since the approval of the COVID-19 Vaccine for kids 5-11 seems imminent, we’ve decided to keep having US based adventures until we can get the kids their two jabs. That keeps us in the country at least through the end of November The thing about November in the Midwest is thatContinue reading “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 6”