Leesburg, Ohio; Day 23

Upon waking this morning, we were greeted with a bit of white on the front lawn of Mamoh’s house. This strange substance is apparently called “frost” and can occur in climates which may feel intolerable to those of our species that normally reside in Southern California.

(Mamoh was not amused by our professed ignorance at the “frost” substance and refused to play along)

Fortunately, we had nowhere to go and had no need to find an ice scraper for the van’s windshield. By mid-morning the temperatures had improved and the grass returned to a more familiar color.

We took this opportunity to remain inside and pursue some of our favorite cozy indoor activities. Dad watched some college football on TV.

Suaram and the other kids read books on their tablets. Or more precisely, they listened to the audio book for a book that they had already read.

Tiffany and her Mom started a new puzzle this evening after giving everyone a full day to enjoy the previous 1000 piece puzzle.

After having inventoried nearly 20 puzzles (many unopened) in Mamoh’s house we have committed ourselves to completing and passing along as many puzzles as possible while staying here.

The local library used to accept puzzles as donations but we may find that more difficult during this pandemic.

Mamoh is hosting Thanksgiving this year so she may send leftovers AND a puzzle to all of her guests this year.

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