Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 1

We moved to a new base camp for adventures! We traveled about an hour up the road to the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. We’ll be here for a few days enjoying the city, having school of course and spending time with Brian’s mom and stepdad who drove down from Michigan. But before we left Leesburg, we got to see the first snow of the season! It didn’t really stick, but the kids were happy to see it and ran right outside to play and get a little taste of winter.

In addition to getting settled into our digs at the Residence Inn, we got to celebrate a couple of milestones for Tiffany’s nephew Cole. His parents organized a family dinner to celebrate him getting his high school diploma and Tiffany got to watch him perform a song on bass guitar at a local brewpub.

The brewpub gig was as part of a talent showcase for Cole’s guitar school. They took over the stage at Fretboard Brewing with a backing band for each student to perform a song. Cole chose ‘Heartbreaker’ by Led Zepplin which is a great song and more importantly has a great bass part where he could show off his stuff.

Dinner was at the Montgomery Inn The Boathouse which is a Cincinnati institution. It has great ribs and an even better view of the Ohio River. We had a lot of fun at dinner and as always it was great to spend time with Tiffany’s family, especially, to celebrate a big milestone for Cole.

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