Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 5

Some of our adventures today were likely the same as many families in the US, preparations for our Thanksgiving festivities on Thursday.

The first activity was grinding cranberries, apples and oranges for Mamoh’s cranberry relish. It’s always fun for the kids to use kitchen machinery and the Kitchen Aid grinder attachment was no exception.

Suaram made her famous pumpkin pie for the second year in a row. This recipe uses melted ice cream instead of condensed milk so licking the spoon is extra good for the chef.

As a break from the food preparation, Brian and Tiffany decided to disassemble Mamoh’s dishwasher. It’s been draining a little slowly and a clogged hose was suspected. So we took it apart to clean the hose. Usually these home repair projects are Brian’s gig, but his no bending/twisting/lifting after back surgery meant he had to troubleshoot and advise while apprentice Tiffany turned the screwdriver. He did get a trip to Lowe’s which he thought was a treat.

We’re still testing to see if the problem is solved, but after putting it back together it’s at least no worse than it was before so Mamoh is quite relieved.

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