Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 4

Brian had said several times in the past month that “walking to the barber” was his most aspirational goal. Not just because he needed a haircut (though he did). It should be noted that the barber is a kilometer away from Mamoh’s house and that until Saturday Brian couldn’t walk to the bathroom without excruciating pain.

Man In Need of Grooming

The boys learned of Dad’s adventure and agreed to tag along. They too were in need of some hair care. CreeperPuppy had not had a buzz cut since Boquete Panama. CreeperKitty had recently taken some shears to his own bangs and wasn’t thrilled with the outcomes.

The walk was just long enough for Brian to exhaust himself but provided the right level of exercise for his recovery. Everyone was pleased with Big Wheel’s Barbershop and the cuts received there.


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