Leesburg, Ohio Part 2; Day 7

Our day yesterday was pretty typical by Thanksgiving standards and today we did the quintessential Black Friday activity – we went to a major retailer!!

But first we had a school day and continued diagnosing the dishwasher issue (latest thinking is the control panel).

Then all 5 Adventurers piled into Jeremy Picklepants and headed to our local Walmart.

Yes. Walmart on Black Friday.

But we weren’t there for the deals, we were there for a combined 10 vaccine jabs from the Pharmacy. Most notably the kids got their second Covid shot and are now 14 days away from being fully vaccinated! Yay!

Instead of spending our 15 minute post-shot waiting period sitting in a chair, we wandered the store checking out the merch. It was almost 5 o’clock so the big crowds (if there were any) were gone.

The kids fell in love with some squish mallow stuffed animals but passed since we’re gearing up to hit the road again. We did pick up a couple items from the grocery section and headed back to Mamoh’s. Aunt Tara had come over and made a tasty ham and bean soup for dinner. We ended the day celebrating our vaccines with ice cream.

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