Driving Day to Knoxville, Tennessee

Our 5 Adventurers left Leesburg, Ohio for a southern road trip today. Before leaving Ohio, we stopped in Georgetown to watch the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game.

Some of you may know that Tiffany’s parents are Ohio State University graduates and remain staunch Buckeye fans.

Some of you may also know that in the 13 years that Brian & Tiffany have been married that Michigan has won that annual rivalry game only once.

Brian, a life-long Michigan fan, would like to blame his marriage to an Ohio girl for these losses but bad coaching, missed calls by the referees and player mistakes have been the issues (he’s 90% sure).

Grandma Nancy put out a tailgate worthy spread for The Game.

Pa (aka Grandpa Stan) put on his Buckeye hat, socks and a jersey with his name on the back. He was ready for his team to win against their rivals.

Not a Happy Pa Today

Brian may have been the only one cheering for Michigan there but Pa was supported by Aunt Tracy who came to cheer loudly for Buckeye scores and complain bitterly for non-calls and miscues.

OSU v Michigan: Living Room Split

CreeperKitty was the only kid that watched the whole game but all of the kids were sympathetic to Brian’s feelings about the Michigan losing streak.

In the end it was a game fully enjoyed by only one attendee in the living room today. That person enjoyed the outcome very, very much.

Pa gave Brian his blessing for marriage to Tiffany 14 years ago and after today that decision may need a new assessment in light of some fresh evidence.

Aside from this living room adventure, the bulk of the afternoon was spent in Jeremy Picklepants driving south to Tennessee for an overnight stay in Knoxville before continuing to South Carolina.

One more note;


Haskins Scores 5 TDs in the 42-27 Victory

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