Chapin, South Carolina

We had a few reasons for doing a southern road trip this week. One was to get to warmer weather. Our drive through the Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina mountains today was sunny and 60°s and still showing some autumn color.

We finished our drive to Chapin, South Carolina which is a small town about 20 minutes northwest of Columbia. Our reason to come here was to see our timber farm. Since the kids had never seen the property and we were (relatively) close we included Chapin in our trip.

We have officially been timber farmers since 2019 although that wasn’t our intent. We bought 5 acres in a golf community on a peninsula in Lake Murray. It is a wooded lot for retirement/investment but in South Carolina it’s allowable as a timber farm as long as we harvest every five years. Since the taxes on agricultural property are quite a bit lower, we declared ourselves farmers and will have to figure out how to harvest trees before 2024.

The kids had mixed reactions to what they saw. All agreed it was much bigger than they imagined – they were expecting the same as we have in CA which is 2/3 of an acre. CreeperPuppy was surprised we hadn’t built a house on it. Suaram was pleased there were places we could pitch a tent to camp and CreeperKitty immediately started designing what the house should look like. Big on the bottom and a smaller second story he recommended. They spotted plenty of trees that would hold a treehouse and enjoyed tramping around in ‘our’ woods.

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