Raleigh, North Carolina; Day 2

Field trip day at the 5 Adventurers Academy. Today our road school visited the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh.

First off, we visited Benchwarmer Bagels for some morning nourishment by CreeperKitty’s choice (seriously, that kid lives for bagels).

Dad chose an everything bagel with lox, deviled egg spread and shaved onions. Sooo tasty.

The museum had 4 floors of exhibits which were a fantastic mix of interactive and informative. It was not crowded today – we had the Volcano film almost to ourselves.

What geological era are we currently in?

The Cenozoic Era, for the past 65 million years

What 3 species of plants account for 2/3 of the current human population’s food sources?

Rice, wheat, and corn

There were 8 more questions on the kid’s quiz sheet but we won’t bore you with those questions here.

Afterwards, we met with Aunt Karen for lunch at a very cool spot called A Place at the Table. This downtown eatery asks every patron to “pay what you can”. If you want to, you can pay for meal and be given a wood token which can be handed to someone the really needs a meal. Or you can pay more than the recommended amount. Or, if your situation prevents you from paying anything, you can volunteer time there in exchange for a meal.

It is a very cool concept and the mix of individuals in the restaurant appeared to reflect the mix of the community being served.

But here’s the key thing…the food is fantastic. Brian couldn’t get over how much he enjoyed his Huevos Rancheros.

The group walked off the delicious meal by walking to the North Carolina capital building and seeing the beautiful rotunda.

We hung out with Aunt Karen, Uncle Kevin, Alan, and Danny at their house in Rolesville just north of Raleigh. The kids got to play with the Schneider ‘s new kitten and took home some books and a chess set as door “prizes”.

We were so happy to have spent time with both the Hildreths (friends) and Schneiders (family) on this brief 2 night stay in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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