Driving Day to Leesburg, Ohio

Before we left our friends Lynn & Troy and left for Ohio again, the kids were able to try something new and still fairly novel (for them and Brian & Tiffany).

Suaram Pulling a Virtual Slingshot in Angry Birds As We All Cheer Her On!

We may not have planned to have a virtual adventure before 9a today but CreeperKitty caught Brian getting a VR lesson from Troy last night just prior to his bedtime. The promise of a morning VR session may have had him head to bed reluctantly but gave him good cause to jump out of bed today.

Aside from this adventure, we spent 8 hours driving through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia before arriving in Southern Ohio after dark.

Our only significant stop was at Tamerack Marketplace. As a kid, Tiffany stopped here on many drives through these mountain passes and she wanted to share it with the other Adventurers. It’s full of artisan crafts and offerings from West Virginia artists. Pottery, glassware, wood pieces etc. The quick but tasty hot lunch was a nice enticement. We ate, walked around, browsed the wares and then got back in the van.

We spied our third state capital in as many days as we passed through Charleston, West Virginia on this long driving day

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