Leesburg, Ohio Part 3; Day 1

We arrived yesterday for part 3 of our Leesburg, Ohio adventure at Tiffany’s Mom’s house. She’s been a patient and generous host for a much longer stay than any of us had planned.

Part of the reason for returning to the Cincinnati area was so that Brian could have his two week follow-up with his surgeon. He and Tiffany headed into the city this morning. Brian reported no pain and got a clean bill of health and approval to wean off all of his medications. Yay! He celebrated by trading in his backpack for a new carryon bag with wheels.

While the parents were gone, Mamoh and the kids did some Christmas decorating around the house. They hung ornaments on the tree, set up the nativity and put lights on the ceramic tree.

School in the afternoon was accompanied with a discussion of our travel route to Thailand next week. We’re spending the next few days consolidating the things we’re leaving behind (e.g. Jeremy Picklepants, camping gear, Central America souvenirs) and organizing ourselves to be gone for several months. We’re all super excited about the next leg of the journey.

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