Travel to Thailand; Day 1

Today is the first of three travel day entries as we go from Leesburg, Ohio to Phuket, Thailand. We are leaving Jeremy Picklepants in Mamoh’s garage for the next few months so our launch point for this adventure is Cincinnati. We originally had booked this route for early November and we had two stops in the itinerary- Chicago and Doha (Qatar). When we moved our flights to December, we had the choice of adding a 3rd stop or paying an additional $1000 per person. With 5 people, guess what we picked? Yes, we changed our itinerary to Cincy – Charlotte – JFK – Doha – Phuket. Since it didn’t increase our travel time in total due to shortened layovers, we thought it was worth the change, but it’ll be the longest travel any of us have ever done.

5 Adventurers x 4 flights = 20 boarding passes

Total time from initial departure to final arrival is scheduled for 33 hours. We left Leesburg five hours before our flight (90 minute drive, lunch, early checkin) so we suspect when we add on immigration and other activities when we land, we’ll clock in at over 40 hours door to door. You can see below how fresh and energetic we all are as we start out from Leesburg with Mamoh along to drop us off and drive the van back to storage. Thanks Mamoh! Time will tell how these travelers look by Wednesday.

Our first segment to Charlotte was short and arrived early. We had less than an hour between flights and had to traverse most of the airport, so early was good. We had time to hit the restrooms, grab some food from the grab-and-go and get ready to board.

Charlotte – 2nd airport of the trip

The doors were closed and we were preparing for departure on our 2 hour flight to JFK when a pesky overhead bin wouldn’t close. They can’t fly like that so after a 15 minute wait, maintenance arrived and started working on it. The time ticked by while they fiddled with it and our hour and a half window to get off the plane and make our flight to Doha grew smaller and smaller. Finally they just carried it off the plane and we flew without it.

Our inbound flight arrived at the gate 20 minutes before our outbound was due to leave and the advice from the flight crew was…RUN! So we did.

That was a tiring adventure

There were 9 people besides us running from one end of the terminal to the other but they knew we were coming and they allowed us all time to get there and board. Yay!! We’re on the plane to Qatar and they are closing the doors as we publish.

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