Travel to Thailand; Day 2

After barely making our connection at JFK, we settled into our 12 hour flight to Doha. Honestly we were hoping for a little less adventure on this second travel day and we got it.

A long haul flight in economy is not anyone’s first choice, but if you choose to do it, Qatar Airlines’ offering is one of the world’s best. Larger than average seats, more legroom, great service and excellent personal entertainment make for as a good an experience you can get.

Our plan was to take advantage of it being late to try to sleep as much as we could. Creeperkitty got the prize for most hours konked out at about 6 – he even slept through dinner.

Mom and Suaram were next and Dad and CreeperPuppy hardly got any. We landed in Doha after dark so we couldn’t see much besides a distant view of the skyline.

Once we deplaned we had about 7 hours to kill before our final flight. Since Brian and CreeperPuppy hadn’t slept, they spent a few hours at the Sleep-n-fly.

Tiffany and Suaram (and eventually Brian) got 10 minute showers at the Be Relax Shower and Spa. It was a nice set up and a welcome chance to rinse the previous days travel away.

After showers, Tiffany, Suaram and CreeperKitty settled into one of the airport lounges for food and a relaxing place to sit and read away from the hustle and bustle. CreeperPuppy joined them for a while before everyone headed down to get some exercise. Never ones to miss out on a playground the kids burned off some energy. Where they found it on almost no sleep is hard to figure out. We took one last picture in front of the GIANT yellow bear, said farewell to the Airport and then headed to board our 2am flight to Phuket.

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