Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 1

Today was an early but short and easy travel day for us. We left the resort about 6:15am and headed to the domestic terminal at Phuket airport. Our destination was Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and we flew Vietjet – a discount airline akin to Southwest or Frontier in the US. 

The experience was familiar except for one thing. The SONG!  Every airline seems to have a music style that they pipe in during boarding and deplaning and most of the time, you barely notice it. It’s instrumental, purposely generic and forgettable. But not Vietjet. The song they played today (not their only one it seems) was upbeat, catchy and repeated over and over enough to wear grooves in your brain. It’s called Vietjet  ‘Fly for Love’ and it is worth listening to once – if only until you get to the chorus of …‘I feel so happy, happy, happy and it’s lovely, lovely, lovely. I’m so lucky lucky to go around the world with you.’  Thank goodness we weren’t delayed or we may have suffered an injury.

Once we arrived in Chiang Mai we were promptly met at Baggage Claim by our two checked bags (Yay!) and our AirBnB host who had graciously arranged for transport to where we’re staying.  This city was founded in 1296 and is the largest city in northern Thailand at about million people. The house is in the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood not very far from old town. It’s walking distance to many restaurants, cultural spots and points of interest. We’re looking forward to exploring during the 4 weeks we’ll be here. Of course the kids were ready to immediately get in the pool – especially given the presence of a giant unicorn floatie when we arrived.

But first things first, we needed to work on some Christmas decorations. We weren’t sure what the options would be so we headed off to the nearby mall for lunch and a chance to check things out. Dad and Mom had set the bar low with the kids and also set a low-ish budget for decor since it’ll stay in Thailand when we go. We managed to find something the kids liked and stayed well under budget. Win-win.

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