Phuket, Thailand; Day 11

Today was our last full day here in Phuket and we chose to visit some of our favorite places to do some of our favorite activities.

The boys spent a few hours in the Kid’s Club. Mom and Suaram had a long conversation in the pool. Dad read Dostoyevsky in the shade with a cold beer nearby.

We walked down the beach to the Kiaw Food Shack which we had visited on Day 3. It was another pleasant meal in the shade on the beach which everyone enjoyed.

Tiffany and Brian were also able to enjoy a couple of sweet treats of their own choosing in the late afternoon. When the kids read this on the blog they will be SUPER jealous.

Brian had a mango cheesecake with a dollop of raspberry sorbet. Tiffany had a walnut tart with a flaky pastry crust. Both were surprisingly delicious and vexed us that we had not tried other dessert options before our last day (sigh).

Unlike the States where holiday decorations emerge before the end of November, the Christmas season has just reached Phuket Island. The resort here has just completed their decorations in time for the Adventurers to stroll among them in the evening before departure. Tomorrow we head to our next Thai destination. We enjoyed our time relaxing, letting Brian’s back continue to heal and easing in to the Asia leg of our tour with a tourist friendly hotel.

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