Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 8

In anticipation of our upcoming visits to some of the Buddhist temples in the area (there are over 300 in Chiang Mai alone) Brian prepared a presentation for school today on the fundamentals of Buddhism.

The students seemed engaged by the material and provided their own perspectives on 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.

After school, we walked a few kilometers to explore and eat lunch.

Brian chose a vegetarian dish to honor Buddha. It was a veggie burger and it was terrible. Tiffany ate some samosas which were also terrible.

The kids are apparently happy to order and eat Hawaiian-style pizza wherever we go in the world. In Central America it was called Pizza Hawiiana so that’s how they order it. It will be interesting to find a place on our travels where they serve pizza but DON’T have an offering with pineapple and ham and call it Hawaiian.

Tiffany and Brian were initially appalled at this topping combination and let it go thinking that they wouldn’t find that type of pizza elsewhere and that their tastes would evolve.

Nope. At least, not yet.

We stopped off at the grocery store for dinner ingredients and other supplies. We these groceries delivered to the house and experienced a slight hiccup as we discovered one of the boxes was swapped with someone else (we got their Peligrino and they got our potatoes).

After a return visit by the driver and some apologies we were set to cook dinner. Brian prepared a basic Massaman Curry dish with chicken. It was a little bit on the spicy side but the adults loved it. It was the first time he’d made a curry and was really pleased.

Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Green Beans

The evening saw most of the 5 Adventurers take to coloring. CreeperPuppy’s Christmas gift to Suaram was 100 colored pencils and Mom and Dad got a 10 foot animal coloring roll in their stocking – so the work began. The group spent most of the time between dinner and bed working on it or other drawing and listening to their latest favorite soundtrack – Encanto. They admitted afterwards they “had barely cracked the surface” on the ten feet (or the 100 pencils for that matter)

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