Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 10

Computer-based lessons are unavoidable for the 5 Adventures Academy but we try to throw in variations every chance we can.

Yesterday, we visited some Buddhist temples to follow-up with Brian’s religion section on Monday. Today, we played a game to follow up on Tiffany’s lesson teaching us all how to count confidently up to 13 in Thai.

We called it Pį tk plā (ไปตกปลา) in Thai which according to Google translate is Go Fish. Our pronunciations slightly vary by player.

After school, we went to the closest night market which is a 5 minute walk from the house here in Chiang Mai. Here’s a quick map of the neighborhood because we also stopped off at the nearest restaurant to us which is less than 100 meters from our house. We officially live on a Soi or alley but it seems there are few main roads and many many sois in Chiang Mai

The market’s shopping stalls were, as usual, eclectic. A vendor selling T-shirts is next to one that sells backpacks. Nail salons, barbers and hair stylists aren’t necessarily next to one another but Co-exist with the jumble of products and even a stall with small pet for sale. The only consistent thing was that all food vendors were centralized to share common dining areas.

We chose not to get our dinner from the market though. Almost everyday we will walk past Botan on the street our house is on. And almost everyday we tell ourselves that we should eat there next. Today we finally had a meal there and we were really happy to learn the reviews are correct – Botan has delicious Japanese food.

Salmon nigiri just before Brian ate it
This is a Botan California Roll

The sushi was excellent and the kids ate well. Suaram was goaded by her brothers to eat wasabi until her eyes watered and her nasal passages burned. We finished with an Okinomiyaki which we had never tried before. It’s a savory pancake with fillings like cabbage and meat topped with teriyaki and mayonnaise sauces. Tasty and unexpected were two of the adjectives

It was a nice surprise to learn that a good dinner adventure isn’t very far away!

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