Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 11

Today was routine as we settle into the second week of our month-long Chiang Mai stay. School, wander the neighborhood (in this case in search of a liquor store, a fly swatter and AA batteries) and have a meal at a new restaurant.

Suaram was the star of the show today. She is learning how to do research papers in Language Arts so it made sense to give her an assignment for real world practice. After seeing so many different Buddha statues on Tuesday, we were all wondering what the symbolism was for the different hand and body positions. Finding out and reporting back became her task and today she shared what she learned. She decided to do it in a slide presentation and did a great job.

After an afternoon dip in the pool, it was time for a Mom/Suaram date. First stop was the hair salon. She has needed a major trim for a while and Mom wanted to check this place out before making her own appointment so it was perfect.

After checking out the neighborhood near the salon and having a yummy Thai dinner, it was time for dessert. Suaram passed on ice cream for her favorite treat – crepes.

Hers had chocolate dough and Oreos, Mom went for the classic banana Nutella combo. Both were super tasty and made the walk home so sweet.

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