Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 16

Today was a normal day living life in Thailand. School, reading, laundry, etc. For dinner Brian and Tiffany decided not to cook so we went to a place for BBQ and…cooked. But it was fun cooking over a clay pot with hot coals.

There are a bunch of similar places but the one we chose is a big open air space and is called ย่างเนย นิมมาน which translates as Grilled Butter Nimman. It’s name comes from the only fat available to use on the grill. You can see the pats of butter ready to use in the photo by Brian’s right hand.

It was buffet style for your raw veggies, meat, seafood and sauces. And your butter pats too of course- all of which you then took back to your table to cook.

The kids enjoyed collecting ingredients and tried some new things. CreeperPuppy was very excited about grilled lettuce (good but wet) while CreeperKitty had a fried egg. They didn’t love the chicken (weird marinade) but declared the carrots and corn the best they ever tasted.

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