Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 17

We had so much fun Monday on CreeperKitty’s birthday that we couldn’t fit it all into one post and decided to share it on our quiet Wednesday. After visiting the Umbrella Factory we went a little ways down the road to a place called Art in Paradise – there we got a lesson in perspective painting.

Before going we understood that this was a place where 2-dimensional art was presented in a unique way but didn’t know quite what to expect. It might be easiest to explain it after you’ve seen a few of the 100 photos that we took while there.

The chair is partially physical but mostly is painted on the wall. CreeperPuppy is standing in front of the wall with the painted cheetah on it. Had he “held” the chain where it is kinked it would be even more realistic.

Here we see Suaram balancing on a compass inside of an egg. The corners of the gallery rooms were used to great effect. Below are two other corner images. Sometimes the wall/wall and wall/floor seams are visible and sometimes they aren’t. At any rate, these two images and the third of CreeperKitty on a log had nothing physical. They were only painted on the floor and walls.

The kids were completely thrilled by this place. We couldn’t take pictures fast enough and as soon as we did we heard ‘let me see, let me see!’ They were so excited to get to what was in the next room they were running around the corner with glee.

We’ve never been to anyplace like this although there are a few in the States in touristy places. We had great time. We needed some practice to get the pictures positioned for maximum effect but we got some cool ones.

Rather than fill your entire inbox with these images, we’ll leave you with three more nature-oriented ones. If you want the whole set, we encourage you to check out a dedicated page (this link will open to a new tab) where we’ve organized all 100 images into themes. Let us know your favorites!

5 thoughts on “Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 17

  1. These are so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing….I just can’t get over how great they are. I’m really enjoying your daily blog – thanks so much for sharing your trip with the rest of us stuck in the US! haha.


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