Sukhothai, Thailand; Day 2

We enjoyed our breakfast at the Thai Thai Resort and needed every calorie consumed to help is with our 4+ miles of walking the Old City of Sukhothai, Thailand.

We started the day with a tuk tuk ride which took us out to one of the oldest temples in the area.

The Wat Si Chum features a large sitting Buddha whose lap could hold a double decker London bus. There were inscriptions in the walls and ceiling of the wihan which were the earliest forms of Thai writing and the oldest surviving art of Sukhothai

About 800 meters east of Wat Si Chum is the Wat Phrapai Luang. This wat has a Khmer style Phrang (the only one of 3 left standing) which has stories of the Buddha’s life in relief around its sides.

We finished the morning by visiting the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum which holds many of the recovered artifacts from the 190+ ruins in the Old City and preserved some of the unique statues and architectural features which could otherwise be victimized by natural or man-made forces.

After a late lunch we caught a unique tuk tuk ride (motorcycle driver in back, cargo in front). We then spent an hour at the resort pool which was lovely and featured elephant fountains arcing water from their trunks.

One other noteworthy image is the following. We have seen more of these empty vendor stalls here in Sukhothai than elsewhere in Thailand (or Panama or Costa Rica for that matter).

There were very few tourists in town that we encountered. In fact, we ran into the same French woman several times today and shared our observations regarding the lack of crowds at Sukhothai.

We have noticed that many of the restaurants that might be showing as open and in business on Google may, in fact, be closed. We saw some of this in Chiang Mai too. We had walked past nightclubs which were advertising their next dance party night, for March 2020.

Obviously this situation with limited tourists competing for space and resources has its benefits to the 5 Adventurers on their trip around the planet. The downside is that we will sometimes struggle to find a driver (that used to guide tourists) or a restaurant (that used to feed them).

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